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How do I link my Stripe account to my League so I can bill my players on signup?

Leagues can handle all their "league payments" automatically in MatchTime.   When creating a new "league season", you have the option to "link" your account with account so that you can "process all credits" via your account.  Yes, it is quick and easy to create a account but it also keeps all your "billing" fully in your control!

Here are the steps to integrate MatchTime and Stripe:

  1. Log into your account
  2. Create a new "league season"... For Instance: Acers Spring
  3. Click on the blue button --> "Connect With Stripe" Connect with Stripe
  4. After clicking "Connect with Stripe" button, you will be taken to if you already have a account, you can log into it and approve permission for MatchTime to "process credit cards" on your behalf. If you do NOT yet have a account, you can fill out the form on that page and create a free account pretty quickly -- don't worry you can "finish" up the FULL details later even 😊
  5. After providing MatchTime Permission to process credit cards through your account, you will be taken back to MatchTime to finish up creating your new league season.

Great thing is this is a 1-time setup with Stripe -- future league seasons you can just "select" Stripe when setting up the new season.

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Apr 30, 2024

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