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How do I add more teams/players to my Flex League on MatchTime?

Once your Flex League is setup on MatchTime, you can still edit any of the league's details and even add a new team/player to an existing playing level. Below are the steps for adding a new "pairing/team" (doubles flex league) or player (singles flex league):

  1. Log into your account on MatchTime
  2. Go to the "league manager” area in the top navigation (far right side of top navigation) and then select your active “Season” in the league manager. Switch to the League Manager Area
  3. Click on the "play level" — Advanced (4.0+) in the screen shot below My leagues playing level
  4. After clicking on my playing level [Advanced (4.0+)], Click on the “play level settings” tab to edit the original play level settings originally created when setting up the playing level. Play Level Settings and Editing them
  1. Top right corner - click on “edit playing level”
  2. scroll down most of the page down to the list of “teams” — increment the team number by 1 (adding 1 in this instance).
  3. scroll to the bottom of the teams where the “blank team” has been added.
  4. enter the team’s info —> team name, division, captain(s) names
  5. scroll to the bottom and submit the form.

Play Level Settings and Editing them

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