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Can we manage our club's entire League on MatchTime?

Great - you can manage the league on MatchTime. You do need to setup your account though as a "league manager" account here:

Here are the steps for managing a league on

  1. Sign-up to manage your league on MatchTime -->
  2. Create a new "league season".... like "Spring 2024". You also can specify who is handling the league's payments.

You can handle the the league fees/payments offline and outside of MatchTime or you can handle them through MatchTime. We can help you setup payments through MatchTime if desired.

  1. Add your different "Play Levels" in the "Create New Play Level"... like "Mens 3.0" or "Mens A"

In the play level settings, you can specify all the different details about each play level -- match dates, line types (singles/doubles), etc.

  1. Activate the league's different "play levels" -- by default the play levels aren't "active" so that you can the "league admins" can decide when the "play level" is viewable for registration OR when the team captains can see the team(s).

5a. Team captain's can register their teams in the "sign up" page

  i. The captain can specify their "home location" and sign up their team... the team captain then can add the team's players in the "add/edit & invite players" page.

5b. League Admin can also sign up their teams directly in the "edit play level settings"

 i. The team captain's still add the team's players in the "add/edit & invite players" page.
  1. Create the play level's playing schedule.... an auto-create schedule button also allows you to quickly create the league's schedule.
Apr 30, 2024

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