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How can I add more playoff or regular season match dates?

Here are the steps for adding more playoff matches to your team:

  1. Log into your TennisPoint account

  2. Go to the “matches & teams” page

  3. On the far right hand side of the page you will see an "edit schedule" -- click that link.

  4. From the "edit schedule" page you can scroll below all the "regular season matches" to the playoffs area -- just click the "Add Playoff Match" and it will add more playoff matches to your team specifically.

  5. After adding your playoff matches, remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click the "submit schedule" button to officially add your playoff dates.

Edit Team Schedule to add more playoff matches

Yes, it is the same steps but a different button for add/editing regular season matches too 😉 We outlined the playoff matches above since that is performed more often is all.

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