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Do we need to have TEAM Passwords for our players?

Some other team management websites do use the concept of a "team username / password" and at MatchTime we have always thought this is confusing and purely creates more problems. Say for instance if I was playing on 2 different active teams/leagues -- this could mean I have to bounce in between 2 different accounts and have to remember the details each time... whew too much work for sure when a "sports team management" website is supposed to be less complicated and help the captain save more time/sanity!

In each member has their own personal MatchTime account. Yes, the team captain does add a player in MatchTime which gives the person permission to view the team -- no worries, this is quick and easy season-to-season with our league imports auto-attaching the person to your team!

With each person having their own MatchTime account, this also means we can create "match playing stats" season over season too!

Apr 30, 2024

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