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What are the full steps for managing my USTA team on MatchTime (formerly known as TennisPoint)

Here are your account setup steps for managing your USTA team on

  1. Signup for your MatchTime Account -- click on the green "Sign Up!" button in the upper right corner.
  2. In MatchTime's top navigation, select "matches & teams" and then "Create New Team" and fill out the team's details (year, season, level, team name, home facility/location, etc). Create New Team
  3. Import your Team's schedule from USTA - you will need your USTA number to do this (remember this not your personal USTA number but the team's number you received from USTA's tennislink when you originally created the team). Import Team Schedule
  4. Add your players to the team using the "add/edit & invite players" link found on the "matches & teams" tab in the top navigation. You only need each player's email and name and it only takes a couple of minutes to put all your players in there. Each player has a "role on the team" that allows you to make co-captains, captain or players.
  5. invite your players to signup on MatchTime — easiest way is to send out the "send invite email to checked" from the "add/edit & invite players" page. (button at the bottom right of the page)
  6. Have your players to submit their availability after you create the schedule so you know who is good for each match to play - also making it simple and easy to know who is good to play and if you are short players.
  7. create a match lineup and send out a match confirmation email so all players are alerted they are in the lineup — you can see the “match confirmations” from each payer as well and have peace of mind knowing that they will be at the match
  8. After the match enter the scores on USTA’s tennislink and then import the scores into MatchTime from the "enter scores" page.
Jan 3, 2024

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