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Got a child playing on a tennis team too? Linked Accounts make this easier

Our mobile apps works to make managing your tennis schedules and play easier and quicker overall... granted when your kids start playing on an active team, this can make things a touch more difficult though!

After lots of work, we are introducing "Linked accounts" on the mobile app. Yes, this means you can more easily now bounce between your personal active teams AND ALSO your child's active teams too! Got multiple kids playing in a particular season... no problem since you can link all of their accounts to your account!

Wondering what the 3 lines are in the top left corner of the mobile app... click it, it's ok 😉 After you click on the "3 lines icon" in the upper left corner of the mobile app, you will see the screen slide to the left and show your "linked accounts".

Linked Accounts

Here are the steps to create a linked account on MatchTime

  1. Click on the "3 lines icon" in the upper left corner of the app
  2. After the screen slides open, click on the green "Add an Account" button at the bottom of the screen
  3. You can now enter your child's account username & password Linked Accounts
  4. After entering your child's MatchTime account username & password you should be able to see their account now too in the list of "linked accounts".

Yes, your child does already need a MatchTime account, you can register your child's account on either the website or on the mobile app.

Multiple Linked Accounts

Yes, linked accounts will come to the website functionality too but not till around quarter 3 of 2018 😊

Apr 30, 2024

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