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Add your DUPR ID to MatchTime

MatchTime is fully integrated with DUPR.  Here is how you enter your DUPR ID into your MatchTime profile so that matches can be logged with DUPR.

Here are the steps for creating a DUPR acocunt and updating it on MatchTime.... if you already have a DUPR account, feel free to skip to adding to MatchTime below.

Create a DUPR Account
1.  Open DUPR's URL:
2.  Enter your info to create an account in DUPR and click Continue button
Create Account on DUPR
4.  Enter a password to be used on DUPR and click Submit button
Create DUPR Password
4.  After creating your account, you will see your DUPR Profile and can "copy" your DUPR ID to be saved in MatchTime.

Saving your DUPR ID in MatchTime
1.  Log into your MatchTime account - website or mobile
2.  Go to your account profile
    a.  Website - top right corner click name and select "My Profile"
    b.  Mobile App - click settings bottom right corner

3.  Scroll to the bottom and enter your DUPR ID after creating it above... or paste in if you "copied" it.
MatchTime Website Update DUPR ID
MatchTime App Update DUPR ID

4.  Submit your MatchTime Profile Updates

Apr 30, 2024

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