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What are costs of using MatchTime?

Cost Options - MatchTime has 2 types of memberships for managing tennis teams:

Single Team Season - The single team season is $19.95 and covers all your team's players, captains, co-captains, coach, etc for a single team season. Play in a location with a slightly longer team season - you will still be good if your league spans across 1.5 seasons too 😉

Annual Memberships get to take advantage of MatchTime's functionality for a full year (from purchase date) and can captain many teams during this year period. This covers 3 active teams at any given time with a max of 12 teams over the course of a year period.... really plenty of teams even for the most active captains!

Club or HOA Membership? Yes, we do offer these, please contact us directly for pricing or view the pricing page on the website.

Apr 30, 2024

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