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Create Lineup Options - which button to choose?

The create lineup has 4 different buttons on it -- here is an explanation of these buttons.

  1. cancel --> leave the create lineup page & save nothing
  2. save as draft --> save the lineup (even if only part of the lineup) - only visible to captain, co-captains, coaches and team manager
  3. Submit Lineup --> save the lineup - only can be submitted when all the details are filled in. The whole team can see the lineup now for this given match.
  4. Submit Lineup & Create Confirm Email --> same as "submit lineup" and after clicked you are taken to a new page to create an email for the team which is a "confirmation email" for each player in the lineup. Traditionally the captain will want to use "Submit Lineup & Send Confirm Email" which will save the lineup and take you to a page to compose your email. Why use "match confirmation email"? As team captain it gives peace of mind knowing that X player knows they are "in the lineup" and they are confirming they will be there.

Create Lineup Buttons - what do they do

Apr 30, 2024

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