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If we play the ALTA match early, will the "sand bagging" rules still work?

Yes, ALTA sand bagging rules will still run in MatchTime. You will want to change the match date of the match you played early to reflect the real date played.

Here are the steps for changing it:

  1. Log into your MatchTime account
  2. Go to the “matches & teams” page
  3. Click on “edit schedule” for your team Edit schedule link
  4. In the edit schedule page, go down to match 4 in the listing and change the match date to when you actually played it. Edit schedule link
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the "edit schedule" page and click on the “submit edited schedule” button and you should see your schedule order changed on the “matches & teams” page as well.

This will also ensure that the “Sandbagging rules” are picked up on as well. We try and pick up on them when the date is left but not always as easy to pick up on it.

Apr 30, 2024

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